Shipping And Delivery

We are to ship our medicines and drugs to all North American countries. Our shipping availability is always changing, so check if we have added your country before purchasing your remedies. We guarantee that your shipment will be packed and shipped within 24 to 72 hours after receiving payment. Once your order hits our store, we will flip a confirmation email to your electronic mail address on file. The message will contain a verified number, a link where you can track your goods, and a tracking number once we confirm the package has been handpicked up by truck. We only ship with reputable firms, that deliver anywhere in North America.

For your awareness, your specific number will take 1 to 2 business days to become activated. You will receive a note from us once this happens. All deliveries will be handled by domestic post offices and/or federal posting company. If upon delivery you discover you have received any incorrect medicine, please carefully corroborate your final order on our website. After confirming your purchase, please send us a detailed account with your individual number in the subject line. Attach a photo or photos containing all the products you have received, and a clear snapshot of the invoice and any other paperwork included in the box.

Naturally, costs will vary depending on type of carriage and each country’s dispatch office service. We offer two portage recourses. Regular or standard service which arrives in 7 to 21 weekdays time after sending the order. Express conveyance will take 5 to 7 routine days. If you have chosen our expedited option and have not seen your order after 192 hours, please contact your local carrier. As there may be an issue with the destination’s mailing address. If your procurement exceeds or is equal to the $200 you will have the choice of free normal shipping, or rapid delivery at a reduced price.

If the pills happen to get damaged during the transportation process, please contact via our site. You will need to include a picture or video of the damaged goods. In cases where there is serious visible issues, a replacement of the damaged products at no extra cost will be promptly put in the post .

Be aware that all shipments of goods are subject to search and entry requirements of each nation’s customs and import laws. If you notice a letter from your nations customs department informing you of additional import duties and taxes that must be paid, you may either choose to pay them, or refuse the carton. Your goods will be returned to our warehouse.

Customers with questions regarding their order, bill, or transportation can reach out to our client team via our online contact form. We will answer your question quicker if you include your individual number. We assure that your purchase will remain safe and fully confidential during cabotage.

To help, we place a sticker seal on both the outside of the package, and each separate medication bottle. If any stickers or seals are broken, do not use the drugs. Reach out our client care team immediately. The one exception however would be government agents who will notify you if they access the case.

Whether we are shipping your product to you via accelerated post, or sending it along snail mail, your drugs and pills will be sealed, signed and delivered right to your home. All of your remedies are individually sealed, and checked before they leave our floor. So, you can enjoy fresh, real pharmaceuticals from an approved and legal pharmacy right here in your neighbourhood.