vWhy is it cheaper to purchase generic drugs than prescription, revolutionary, or special drugs?

No name drugs are less expensive than OG pharmaceuticals because production costs per pill are significantly lower. Factories produce unbranded substances in larger quantities than traditional elixirs, bringing overall construction and packaging costs down. Contrarily, original pills are more inordinant due to unique processes and IP issues in the factory line. Thus, there is a lower demand for specialised formulas globally.

vWhere do we source our medication from?

Our medicinal inventory comes from pharmaceutical creators from all over the planet. Our leading suppliers work out of North America, Europe and Asia. We have access to superior compounds from all corners of the pharma industry. We try to source our medicine from local sources and producers.

Do we offer discounts?

Yes. Discount rates are possible based on a variety of reasons. The most common being bulk pricing based on quantity. You may choose to order your prescription in orders of magnitude rather than monthly refills. This reduces market price, as distribution and shipping fares drop, and therefor may result in discounted bills. Please contact our customer service department for more data on potential reductions.

I don’t have space on my AMEX. Can I pay using my PayPal account or by wire transfer? Do you accept other avenues of payment?

At this time, we only take credit card payments. Specifically, we welcome Visa, MasterCard, or American Express. However, we may expand web options at a future opportunity.

I have medical insurance. Can you bill purchases directly to my insurer

Unfortunately, we don't bill directly to health companies for security concerns. Settle up using your major piece of plastic. We will give you a detailed receipt for you to submit to your assurance institution following a successful installment.

Do you price match?

Yes. If you find the remedies somewhere else at a lower cost, we will be happy to match. Note the value of the meds must be equivalent to ours in Euros after the current exchange levy.

Does pharmacy4ca.comv impart medical consultations?

No. We are an online drugstore and only fill prescription drugs. We don't bestow any medicinal dialogue. No exceptions. Please speak to your med professional for any deliberations.

Can I have part of my prescription filled at another pharmacy, then have the rest filled by you?

Unfortunately, we do not pick up or finish off partially packed prescriptions from other pharmacies or drugstores. We advise that you continue to use your chemist until the prescription is finished. Once you receive a new order, you can touch base with us for filling.

I need to talk to someone about my prescription or delivery. Is there a client care number I can call?

We do not proffer telephone assistance. If you have a concern regarding your order, pricing, cabotage, or any special information or requests, you may reach out to us via our contact page. However, we do recommend including another method of communication such as a phone number in case a situation arises where we need to chat with you directly.

How do I get information regarding your drugstore?

After your first buy, you will automatically be subscribed to our dispensary newsletter. Our bulletin is full of valuable information like one-off deals, promotions, and sales, permanent tariff depletions on medication, new and upcoming products, reports in the medicinal and prescription drug field, and prevalent information on new drugs or medicines that we spotlight each month.


Is there a drug you specialize in?

While we look to swell to a fully stocked and diverse apothecary, we currently focus on prescription drugs used to treat Erectile Dysfunction. Ask your doctor if an ED remedy is right for you and check in regularly for surprise announcements and new products.

Are impotence pills actually effective?

ED pills have been extremely well received with positive results. While we have observed outlier cases, brands effectiveness can vary from person to person, we firmly stand by our pills and their efficacy.

How do I know which fruitless brand of ED drugs to choose from? Does each company have different compatibility requirements?

Every barrenness medication can have different or varying criteria that may or may not meet your goals. Some drugs are prescription only while others are at your towns corner store. Each drug has its own distinct characteristics. We suggest speaking to your doc about unfamiliar types of erectile dysfunction medication and what will best suit your lifestyle, and body.

Are their side effects associated with erection assisting drugs?

The side effects can vary among different medications and ethnic origins. The most recurrent concerns include headaches, dizziness, upset stomach, runny nose, back pain, muscle soreness, abnormal or blurred vision, diarrhea, flushing, lightheadedness, itching, sensitivity to light, blue tinge to your vision, priapism, swelling, trouble breathing, jaw pain, indigestion, chest pain, sudden decrease in hearing, rashes and skin irritation. Other major effects may include, heart attack, stroke, permanent blindness and deafness, irregular heartbeat, heart palpitations and even death in rare circumstances. For other consequences or distinctive issues with brand names, please question your doctor.

Are ED pills safe to use?

All our erection drugs we carry are tested and approved by federal authorities. We do not accept any drugs or medications that don't have state approval. However, we recommend that you vocalize with your doctor as some humans may not be compatible or meet the preconditions of distinct types or brands of medications. Also, be aware of any fake or unapproved meds claiming to cure erectile dysfunction. Always research, and discuss your options with a regulated quack!

Do you have sexual dysfunction medication for women?

Yes. Lovegra is a is a pharmaceutical tablet designed for women who suffer from stunted sex drive. It is used to help promote and encourage arousal in women, stimulating their sex lives and preparing them to have passionate and lively sex. For more information regarding Lovegra, please visit a special page in our web pharmacy for specifics.