Levitra Online in Canada: Buying Guides for Over the Counter Pills.


Levitra is the name mark for Vardenafil. It is a drug available over the counter in Canada to deal with erectile dysfunction in guys. When a drug is available over the counter it does not require a prescription from a medical professional. Beyond the benefit buying without a doctor’s prescription, it is much easier to ship medications that do not require a doctor’s prescription.

Levitra is targeted to men who are suffering erectile dysfunction. A common health problem for men who cannot obtain or maintain an erection. Levitra targets the issue as it relates to not enough blood moving towards the penis during sex.

Levitra Brand 20mg

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4 pills € 11.44
12 pills € 6.51
€ 59.11 + 2 pills
24 pills € 5.26
€ 148.32 + 3 pills
48 pills € 4.66
€ 325.19 + 5 pills
96 pills € 4.37
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120 pills € 4.30
€ 855.95 + 5 pills

Levitra usage is designed to expand the blood amount in a penis. Each man is different so the results can vary. But typically, the improved blood movement the drug induces lasts on average between two-to-four hours. Levitra thus can support the longevity and quality of an erection a many can get. Here is the process, there are veins that provide blood to the penis to enlarge. During the same time period, contraction happens to the vessels that remove blood. This leads to two empty penile areas (corpus cavernosa) filling with blood. Easier erections occur when there is more blood. This can be a huge cause why this drug is a trendy seller on Canadian pharmacies.

The Levitra medication belongs in very special classification named “phosphodiesterase type-5” (PDE5) inhibitors. The primary goal of a PDE5 inhibitor prevents constriction of arteries. The stopping of the constricting allows for more blood to circulate during the period of sexual arousal for a man. As a man becomes more sexually excited the process becomes self-perpetuating.

Levitra can be purchased as tablets. Pharmacies sell 2.5, 5, 10, and 20 mg dosages. The best seller tends to be 10 mg. Contact your favorite pharmacy and see what options may be available.

Always limit to one dose per 24-hour period. Don't combine the Levitra with other erectile dysfunction drug treatments like Viagra and Cialis. Do not combine drug with alcohol. Levitra may also be taken up to one hour earlier than sexual contact. The drug has its principal effects for 5 hours. It is imperative to note drug does not change libido. It only works for men who can become sexually stimulated. Effectiveness depends on the solely on the man's ability to engage in sexual activity.

Some alerts to consider

Levitra like almost all medications will have side-effects which can have unfavorable health effects on a man. The side-effects tend to be mild, but as with any side-effect if they continue for a long period of time seek medical treatment from a health professional. About ten percent of men will encounter a headache. Side-effects that occur less frequently include nose congestion, runny nose, stomach discomfort, and flushing.

By and large, these side effects will vanish inside a couple of hours. Additional potential side effects will can include loss of hearing or ear ringing, swelling, unusual heart beat, chest pain, and breathing with difficulty.

If you feel any of these symptoms then you should immediate stop using the medication. If the symptoms persist then consult the advice of a healthcare professional.

In extreme cases, unfavorably allergic response can happen. Issues that can arise include hives, difficult breathe, and facial swelling. These symptoms require immediate medical emergency treatment. In extremely rare cases, an erection that last longer than 4-hours then a man may have priapism. This can be an medical emergency that needs immediate care.

Blood Pressure Concerns

Lowering of blood pressure can be on result of using Levitra. Low blood pressure can have an effect on the eyes. Some patients were not able to distinguish between blue and green. Others see with a blue tinge. These were observed side-effects. This can be complicated with people who have additional health issues like diabetes, hypertension, and cholesterol. If eye sight is loss then immediately see emergency medical care. In some extreme case, there can be unexpected loss of sight in the eyes. This can an indication of a heart condition, a present eye issue, diabetes, hypertension or elevated cholesterol. These effects are most common if a man smokes or is over 50. As with any drug, it is your responsibility to monitor its effects and contact a doctor in case of complications. Even minor complications can be a sign of bigger issues so talk to your doctor if anything adverse occurs.

What to avoid

Grapefruit and grapefruit juice interacts unfavorable with Levitra and should be avoided while taking the drug.

Levitra is easily purchased at many licensed online Canadian pharmacies.

If you wish to order Levitra, then find a good Canadian pharmacy that is registered in a Canadian government database. Order a small trial to see how well it works. Millions of men have used Levitra with success. Now you can safely purchase your own Levitra and try it for yourself. Just remember to be safe and take precautions as you would with any medication. Also research other places so you know everything possible before you buy.

Always check if the medications sold are from a pharmacy approved by Health Canada. There are many online resources that you can check to verify this. First there is VIPPS, the Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Site, that list the a complete list of all the legitimate Canadian pharmacies. At the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA,) website you can then verify a license of a Canadian pharmacy. Then for issues of customer service you can use the Pharmacy Checker where people have posted reviews on various pharmacies they have purchased from. As with all online review sites, you need to study the legitimacy of the reviews made.