Privacy Policy


We commit that your financial and medical record data security and safety are in sturdy hands. For our team, these pieces of data are of the upmost importance. Your data is treated like gold. We have invested in top-notch shielding measures and go the extra mile to secure the data on our Canadian based servers.

We commit to following guidelines that are controlled and set by federal regulators and domestic acts. When we require personal information, we entrust it with the bare minimum standard, which is over and above the national standards put in place by NATO partners. Regarding your own bites, we store it on our personalized servers that are stored off-site. This database is built to withhold the normal hacking or DNS efforts, and we built our system to meet the highest IT industry grades in place. It's not quantum computing, but it is awfully close!

Our shipping method ensures that your exclusive information never has the chance to be compromised in the post. With our ability to fulfill and ship orders accurately to your surprise all while maintaining a fantastic shopping experience, at our ability to delivery to your every needs.

We enact to never misuse, sell, distribute, or take privilege of your details. If you have queries about how we accumulate and apply our policies contact our client care team with haste.

Our next level protection 

The initiative we put in to safeguard your data is second to none. We have strong safeguards, and policies to only allow specific employees permitted access to your deets. Once we have gathered your info, you can be assured that we will correctly and appropriately store and transit it. Our data science team has taken a few supplementary steps. We have instituted both full desk encryption which is the industry standard for deploying encrypted servers. This allows our server to be accessible to our patients, but also deliver a high-performance and cloud security system. For our more sensitive data sets, we have instituted file level coding. These pieces of data allow brawny controls that guard against the abuse by those who should not have access. This also allows for SIEM integration, and granular folder access logs. Besides our digital files, we also keep paper hard copies as backup. These dossiers of notepaper are located in our vault and is extremely limited with all entries recorded and documented by our safety squad.

Collecting and storing information 

We will disclose, identify and notify you if your information is tracked at the time of collection. We know that it is essential that you are aware and comfortable when disclosing us with your individual recount. We collect: contact, medical history, billing details and address. Details are provided to you within the terms of agreement when you check-out. We will note, that there is one exception when we provide you information without your consent. In the rare legitimate legal ask, we may provide basic information to police or federal authorities. In these cases, we are morally and legally obligated to work with law enforcement.

On our site, you may notice that we gather cookies, but we do provide you an opt out option. As well, we utilize analytic tools to track web stats to constantly improve our web performance, services and offerings. Plus, these biscuits allow us to personalize your web exposure, which allows us to customize the products and services that best suit your needs. As well, we use verification programs to eliminate bots and help verify the info you provide us is correct and accurate.

Our promise to the clients 

We swear to maintain and protect your private information. We will be the collector and possessor of your details, and will only divulge via a lawful investigation. Our transparency and straight forward cybersecurity guides allow us to preserve our pledge to our clients. If you receive any communication from us regarding your spouse, dependant, income, or religion please touch base with our client department. This is due to fraud or phishing exercises we have seen in the past. We report all incidents to the proper officials, including scams, identity theft and hacking.

Consent, it is important

By registering, or purchasing, or entering your credentials, you are providing our company with concurrence to the gathering, use, storage and disclosure of your details. You will also be agreeing to our various policies. We thank you for respecting our provisions and continue to earn your trust with our state-of-the-art strategies.

Government regulations we follow regligiosuly 

As an international company, we have to adhere to multiple international and multinational laws. This includes, but is not limited to the Canadian Rules, the EU Regulations, and the various United States Acts of Congress, and various state laws. As well, the EU Convention of Human Rights. We also adhere and pay attention to privacy changes completed by the Supreme Court's around the world. Additionally, we also trace work by the Privacy Commissionaires, and Privacy Tsars in Mexico, Great Britain, Scotland, Ireland and assorted other nations. We also ensure that all regulation and rules are followed.

Your rights with your data 

You have the prerogative to obtain, review and choose to request removal of your affirmation you provided to our firm. If you cease your consensus with us, you can solicit that we deactivate your account, and safely and securely destroy and dispose of all associated portfolios. We are partnered with other organizations, and links may backlink you to partners websites. We are not responsible and absolutely have no control, liability or influence over these sites.

Your responsibilities 

It is your responsibility to read, understand and familiarize yourselves with our blueprint before consenting. We remind you that our terms of service agreements lay out our guidelines and intentions. We ask that you regularly check our agreements as we update them with amendments without prior warning. We will include modification dates for clarity. Your accounts information is your responsibility to manage, monitor and keep safe. You are solely in control of any stockpiled login or passwords. This information could be saved via your browser, such as Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Yahoo Search or Microsoft Bing and not the duty of our business. If you need to update information, it is your duty to inform us.

Comments, questions, and concerns 

We thrive on feedback and constructive criticism, and enjoy chatting with our beloved customers. If you have any suggestions, queries or worries about our product line, please reach out to our customer directorate through internet or email. All critiques will be evaluated and put up for consideration by our senior leadership. If there are any issues regarding your privacy, or compliance issues, our lawyers would love to chat. We take these issues seriously and will investigate and launch a full probe. If we need to talk after the assessment is complete, one of our reps will correspond with you directly. We are an open book, and will provide explanations and what further actions will take place. We can also answer how the process will proceed, and how we are rectifying the situation. We are excited to have you purchase from us, and hearing from you will be even better!